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Love is heating up in

my new Romantic Comedy series Must Be Love.

I'm bringing the

heartwarming & hilarious

together with a delicious dose of sexy heat and hunky heroes. 

Oh, boy, will they meet their match, tangled up with these leading ladies.

Love & Laughter Up Next....

AccidentAllyLoveReveal copy.jpg
TroubleReveal copy.jpg
FallingReveal copy.jpg

Ooh, boy !!!!!!!


"I laughed. I fell in love..."

When the stakes are your happily
ever after, flirt your butt off!

Megan knows exactly what she wants out of life—her gorgeous best friend TJ. When a summer gallery job could have her packing her bags, she’s forced to face the depth of her desire—telling TJ those frightening, friendship-jeopardizing, three little words. But when her daring confession of love plummets toward failure, Megan forms a plucky new plan—a surefire tomcat catching to-do list.


Sexy landscape architect, TJ is stunned when Megan reveals she’s sweet on a player. Worse yet, he warns her off her horrific plan. Instead of heeding his warning, she twists his words into man-catching advice. The result, a hair-raising week of attempted seduction. Will Megan’s plan be a sizzling success or a spectacular disaster? 


Enjoy this laugh-out-loud romance today to see if Megan’s lip-locking wildest dreams do come true.  GRAB YOUR COPY NOW WHILE IT'S FREE!!

5 stars:    "Funniest novel I've read in a long time..."     "Absolutely wicked funny."    "Amazing read!!"

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