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Susie Snowflake’s short-lived love affair with Frosty began under the mistletoe, a whirlwind of holly-jolly festivities and seduction, ending in heartache. She never wanted to see that ruggedly handsome snowman again, but there he stood with arms like tree trunks, his chest big balled and sparkly white. She toyed with the wine red scarf around her neck, as he swaggered her way.


He wore a crooked coal grin, and said, “Swerve your pretty snowballs over here darling.”


“Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away,” she clamored.




“I saw you giving it to Flaky, in the park. On the picnic table! How very inauspicious!”




“I’m so angry Frosty; I’m getting damp!”


“Snowbaby, that was Blitzen with Flaky. I was in the meadow building a snowman. So we could pretend that he is Parson Brown.” He lifted his scarf, revealing the heart-shaped button she gave him. “I spent all year baby, waiting for the perfect storm, the Christmas miracle that would bring us back together.”


“Oh Frosty, when the sun came out, and I thought our love had melted away …” she brushed flakes from her cheeks, voice frozen with emotion.


He tilted his head, suggesting the meadow. “Baby it’s cold outside,” he drawled, sending chills coursing through her snow mounds. Extending his wood towards her, hoping she’d accept his love, he offered her his hand.


She gave him a hundred-watt grin, saying, “Catch me if you can!” 



Thanks for reading my silly story. 

Can you guess the words I was required to use in the holiday game? Don't blame me for "damp." LOl!