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"This is a great read
with an awesome storyline that has well developed and engaging characters that have lots of chemistry.
The smooth flow of the storyline makes for good reading time."

What started as a little mistletoe mischief turned into the biggest decision of her life...

"I'm supposed to kiss you?"

"I believe that's how this works..."

Good thing they are just friends. With Emma's big-city veterinary partnership on the line, the last thing she needs is a small-town holiday romance. But when an urgent call has her flying home and working side by side with her old crush Evan, her brother's tempting-as-all-get-out best friend, the hockey hero, will those pesky butterfly feelings get stirred up? Or worse--flutter out of control?


Suddenly, he can't stop thinking about her. But he shouldn't.

Retired from the NHL, Evan Heartley finds himself facing a new dangerous game--coping with an unexpected attraction to his sister's BFF, Emma. Skating outside the just friend's zone is risky business. It's also foolish since their families are tight, his sister is nosy, and Emma has no plans to stay.


They need to play it safe. One problem--their chemistry is heating things up this holiday season. 


If you like heart-melting, fun-filled, romantic comedies with sizzling chemistry, then you'll love Emma.


Emma is a standalone novel in the Betting on Paris series.


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"I laughed. I fell in love..." 
Coming in 2020
Guilty - A romantic comedy, criminally-fun series.​
What happens when sparks fly between Lila Grace, a talented art thief and the hunky FBI agent determined to catch her?
A laugh-out-loud, swoon-worthy, romance!
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 Angie Wilder
“Angie has a gift for comedy…
the characters are wonderful, fleshed out, perfect together."
"Romantic Comedy at its best!”
Nancy Schumacher, Publisher Mélange Books
"Totally satisfying in every way."
"I laughed. I fell in love..." 
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